Merry Christmas...

...and happy new year!

Io aspetto te, tu aspetti me.


"Io aspetto te, tu aspetti me. Una storia di amicizia e di inclusione", written by Paola Predicatori and published in Italy by Gribaudo is a  powerful story to teach that true friendship goes much further than differences.
A book about acceptance, understanding and inclusion.

Global Climate Strike For Future: Friday March 15, 2019

I've drawn this Paddington Bear for the climate strike, inspired 
by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who camped out in front of Parliament 
in Stockholm to demand action on global warming and climate change.

句话的故事 - 陈诗哥

The Chinese title of the book written by 陈诗哥 is 句话的故事 
out for CCPPG
my name in chinese should be 马里奥·昂尼斯

Dritto al cuore, Fatatrac


"Dritto al cuore" written by chinese author Chen Shige is a book about love
that I've illustrated with Pia Valentinis.
The book is available in Italy through Fatatrac.
The chinese version is published by CCPPG.

This book is born by a partnership between the publishing group Giunti and China Children's Press & Publication Group, the book was launched at the last edition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair, which had China as a guest of honor.

Libriamoci 2017

My drawings from "La cometa perdida" Thule ediciones  at Libriamoci 2017,  the festival is held each year in Macerata.
Thanks to Ars in Fabula

Slégami exhibition

23 illustrators 23 kites for Tuttestorie Festival
Curated by Mario Onnis (it's me)
My kite with a flying zebra over the clouds
Yellow poster by Ignazio Fulghesu